As a corporation, Jenome Biophar has fostered a culture of accountability and a commitment to our employees throughout the world and to the global community. Keeping in mind the directive, Jenome Biophar continues to advance health sector in a positive and responsible manner.

Corporate Giving

We are always ready to assist those within the global community who need help; whether it's through the donation of pharmaceuticals and devices for medical missions, disaster relief or involvement in the communities where we operate – Jenome Biophar is there for its customers and those in need.

Workplace & Culture

Our culture and work environment are important to Jenome Biophar overall success. We focus on individual development as well as group accomplishment while also supporting local and global communities. This encourages volunteerism in one's community and around the world. The end result is a positive experience that gives a larger sense of purpose to those who work at Jenome Biophar.

Corporate Values

Jenome Biophar conducts all business with a commitment to honesty and transparency – qualities that serve as the foundation for all that we do as individuals and as a company.

Product Quality

From Research & Development to Sales & Marketing, everyone plays a pivotal role in the success of a product – and when individuals perform their jobs to the highest levels of quality, the final outcome will be quality products that truly make a difference for people worldwide.

Environmental Management & Safety

At Jenome Biophar , we recognize the importance of protecting the environment, the public and our employees. Jenome Biophar is committed to environmental management and employee safety.